About Us

OURGlass Fitness Apparel (OFA) is a custom designed apparel and accessory company, specializing in high end athleisure apparel that fits a broad category of clothing befitting for either athletic or leisure pursuits. The popularity of athleisure wear has increased over the past few years, as most people are starting to embrace a healthier lifestyle, while also demanding more functionality from their wardrobes. Unfortunately, most of these designer pieces are overpriced for the average, everyday working woman. OFA is designed to fit the needs for everyday comfort for anyone trying to work fitness and fashion into an already overtaxed schedule. We cater to a niche market of female customers, by specializing in a comfortable, affordable, versatile brand of apparel that is tailored to wear at home, work, gym or just out and about. We present an extensive range of fashion trends by infusing fashionable yet functional garment types, design, printing,embroidery, appliqué that not only keeps up with, but transcend today’s market designs and techniques.